Exbita v5.2.8 Released

  • 19th February 2023
Exbita v5.2.8 is now released.   This update includes: Add Refresh Token Watchers command to Admin Dev Commands menu   Changed files: modified: composer.json modified: config/app.php modified: config/settings.php modified: lang/en/frontend_admin.json modified: ...
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Exbita v5.2.7 Released & New Theme Updates

  • 14th February 2023
Exbita v5.2.7 is now released.   This update includes: Fix Favicon icon problem - This update will remove all Exbita favicons so it will be not shown any page Fix access and redirection issues when accessing the exchange with or - The update will reinstall the SSL Certifications for and ...
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Exbita v5.2.6 Released

  • 19th January 2023
Exbita v5.2.6 is now Released   This update includes: Fix TRX, TRC-10, and TRC-20 token deposits Add automatic updater Fix Matic symbol issue which were preventing market starter to work on this market Fix a redirection issue   To install the update, first get your license key from the clientarea (some license keys changed as they ...
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Exbita 4.9.3 Released- CoinGecko Api Endpoints Added

  • 23rd March 2022
We have released Exbita v4.9.3    This update brings a new page called CoinGecko to Site settings menu.   This page shows the 4 mandatory API endpoints that CoinGecko requires when making an application. When submitting your exchange to CoinGecko, you can paste the given endpoints to the related form field in CoinGecko application   Let ...
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