Exbita v5.3.6light Released

  • 22nd May 2023
Exbita v5.3.6light is now released.   If you are not using the new light theme, you can ignore this update.   This is a minor update that fixes the theme editor and also CSS style issues in the admin panel. If you have edited any default file, you should backup your changes and merge them back into the new files after update.   To ...
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Exbita vlight5.3.5 Released

  • 20th May 2023
Exbita vlight5.3.5 is now released.   This update is an automatic installation update for the new light theme and will only work if the light theme is purchased. If you did not purchase the light theme, you can ignore this update.   Before applying the update, back up your html folder if you made any changes to the default files and merge ...
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Exbita v5.3.5 Released

  • 16th May 2023
Exbita v5.3.5 is now released.   This is a minor update that updates the TRON transactions fee calculation script to prevent a deposit issue that was happening in some tokens.   To install the update:   - Login as root to your server - Switch to user exbita sudo su - exbita - Go to the project folder cd html - Create a ...
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Light theme demo link

  • 11th May 2023
We have now released the new theme as an "early access" version and put the demo online.  You can visit the demo at As it is an early access release, it has some obvious bugs and glitches but they will swiftly disappear in a couple of days.   We wanted to focus on the market screen first but there are many ...
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