Exbita v5.2.8 Released

  • Sunday, 19th February, 2023
  • 00:52am

Exbita v5.2.8 is now released.


This update includes:

  • Add Refresh Token Watchers command to Admin Dev Commands menu


Changed files:

        modified:   composer.json
        modified:   config/app.php
        modified:   config/settings.php
        modified:   lang/en/frontend_admin.json
        modified:   lang/tr/frontend_admin.json
        modified:   package.json
        modified:   resources/js/components/AdminNavbar.htm
        modified:   resources/js/pages/admin/dev-commands.vue
        modified:   routes/api.php
        modified:   webpack.mix.js


To install the update:


- Login as root to your server
- Switch to user exbita

sudo su - exbita

- Go to the project folder

cd html

- Create a .update-allowed file to allow the update 

touch .update-allowed

- Run the updater 

php artisan checkUpdate true

- After the command completes, remove the .update-allowed file to prevent future updates from automatically applied 

rm .update-allowed


Contact us if you face any issues

Whatsapp: +90 535 062 95 81


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