Exbita v5.3.2 Released

  • 3rd March 2023
Exbita v5.3.2 is now released.   This is a major update that brings total stability to node actions and includes some minor fixes. You may have noticed that the last update release was v5.2.81 and we jumped to v5.3.2 due to some production tests and extending of the update contents.The main goal of this update was to switch from the ws ...
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Exbita v5.2.81 Released

  • 2nd March 2023
Exbita v5.2.81 is now released.   This update is a minor security update to prevent the automatic update of v5.2.9 which will be released in a couple of hours.  In the current version, having a .update-allowed file in the html folder would allow the processing of the next update automatically.    But update 5.2.9 is a major update with ...
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