Exbita 4.8.0 Released - Admin Role Manager function added

  • 21st February 2022
We have Released Exbita v4.8.0,   This update brings an important feature: Role Manager   1-) In Admin Users menu new page Role Manager was added. On this page, you can assign permission to Roles.  2-) In the Admin User list page, the edit roles button was added. With this button, you can assign roles to users. A user can have multiple ...
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Exbita 4.7.7 Released - Account Deletion feature added

  • 11th February 2022

We have Released Exbita v4.7.7,


This update brings 2 functionality. 


1-) Admins can delete users.

2-) Users can delete their own accounts by going to Settings->Security page.


Let us know if you encounter any issues with this feature.



Thanks for using Exbita

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Exbita 4.6.9 Released - Google Tag Manager feature added

  • 29th January 2022
We have Released Exbita 4.6.9,   Exbita 4.6.9 brings a new field called Google Tag Manager Container Id to the Site Settings -> Branding page. You can enter your GTM(Google Tag Manager) Container Id and the system will inject the scripts in the google tag into your exchange.  Note: Google Tag Manager Container Id is not Google Analytics ...
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Exbita 4.6.3 Released - Network Info feature added

  • 26th January 2022

We have released Exbita 4.6.3,


Exbita 4.6.3 brings a network info text to withdraw and deposit crypto pages. Also adds 3 new fields to the coinpayments coins. If you have coinpayments coins, you should edit the coin and fill these 3 fields. 


Please open a ticket if you find any issues with this new feature.



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