Exbita vlight5.3.5 Released

  • Saturday, 20th May, 2023
  • 13:45pm

Exbita vlight5.3.5 is now released.


This update is an automatic installation update for the new light theme and will only work if the light theme is purchased.

If you did not purchase the light theme, you can ignore this update.


Before applying the update, back up your html folder if you made any changes to the default files and merge your changes back into the new files after the update.


To install the update:


- Login as root to your server 
- Switch to user exbita

sudo su - exbita

- Go to the project folder

cd html

- Create a .update-allowed-ExbitaUpdatelight535 file to allow the update 

touch .update-allowed-ExbitaUpdatelight535

- Run the updater 

php artisan checkUpdate true


Note 1: You can upload icons for any token by uploading a png file to public/icons/128/icon folder. The name of the file should be the symbol of the token. For example, if you want to upload an icon for a token with the symbol ATOKEN, the file name should be atoken.png. 

Note 2: The wallet dropdown at the top bar shows the total balance in the main quote currency. You can set your main quote currency from Admin->settings->branding page. It automatically calculates all other tokens/coins in your wallets by converting them to the best buy price of the tokens/coins market with the main quote currency pair. So for example if your main quote currency is USD and if you are holding 1000 USD and 1 BTC, and if the best buy order price is 20k in the BTC-USD market, the wallet dropdown will show as you have a total of 21k USD.


Contact us if you face any issues with the update. 

Whatsapp: +90 535 062 95 81


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